90 Day Fitness Challenge: 10 Minute Trainer Update #2


Well I am back ready to post on how my first week and a half went with The 10 Minute Trainer.  Let me begin by saying yes you can call me a wimp but I quickly decided to start nice and easy and did a 10 minute session every other day for the first week and a half.  Let me explain why…these training sessions really are working.  Remember my posting about the cardio trainer (see here), I thought my legs hurt then…the second day I was even more sore! 

The next traning session I completed was the Total Body Workout.  This time I discovered all the stomach muscles I learned about in physical therapy school but never really saw or felt!  Again the second day I just wanted to cry because I was so sore.  Even being that sore I felt good…I mean here I am actually making progress towards becoming more fit…how do I know…LOL because I am so sore!

The third training session is my favorite…the Yoga Flex.  I am pretty flexible so I did not feel sore at all from this one (honestly I just wanted to keep this one and ignore the rest).  Since then I have completed the Cardio and Total Body Workout twice more and have the Yoga Flex up tonight.  I am then ready to suck it up and do one a day…I promise!


Of course it is helping that I am keeping hydrated by our great sponsor Ayala’s Herbal Water…more to come on them in a later post!

So you can be honest and call me a wimp…especially since poor Dawn is doing 60-90 minute workouts a day with the P90X  (man am I glad that I’m not her)!!  Please let me know your thoughts and keep us updated on your progress as well!



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  1. LOL believe me I have wished I was you many times in the past week and a half. Today I split my 90 minute workout into two of them. I’m thinking that is two very complete workouts (sigh). I just keep telling myself that this is the cost for taking so many years off from watching my weight and health 🙂 Pretty soon I’ll be skinny like you!!!

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