Caution: Children Should Come With Warning Labels -Book Review

The book is entitled Caution: Children Should Come With Warning Labels. It’s a true and humorous look at the realities of parenthood for parents of all ages of kids of all ages! While tongue in cheek, it’s also warm and touching, taking the parent from birth through young adulthood. The book will be released on May 1, 2009, and is available right now for pre-order through
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Finally, a book comes along which describes what parenthood is really like!
Patti McKenna takes parents from birth through the teen years as she shares the all-too-funny realities of raising children that every parent can relate to. Her funny and touching true experiences of everyday life as an average mom are a must read for parents of all ages!
Children don’t come with an instruction manual, but they should come with warning labels, like:
Caution: Motherhood Causes Identity Theft
Caution: You are Not Smarter than a Fifth Grader
Caution: Peace and Quiet Come with a Price
Caution: Children are Not Cheaper by the Dozen
“The title says it all. Patti has captured a truthful and humorous look at being a parent.” – Greg S. Reid, Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker

I was able to read this book, and i will tell you what i told Mrs. McKenna…. Its never funny until you see it thru another persons eyes lol.
This book is so funny. It tells of all the real stuff that happens in your life when your scared, embarressed and praying to someone for help… with the gum in your hair. I cant tell you too much thats in it since its not released yet. But there are parts i read over an over and though, wow i would have just about died of heart attack… but that sure was funny now that i see it that way LOL. Like how her daughter decribes her mom to her teacher… 7 ft and 380 pounds. Ya you have to read that one…lol.

She really did a great job with this book, im flattered that she allowed me to reveiw it and im very excited to own a copy. Im particular about my books. I love stuff that makes me laugh, because i will re-read it as soon as i finish it. Im telling you, when i was pregnant this last time, i read A Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy probably 5 times. Its not that i didnt grasp what it was saying, because 3 kids into this i understood where babies came from believe me LOL… I read it over and over because it was so good. It made me laugh until i cried (or could have been my hormones). This book is the same! You will crack up relizing how simple things are thrown around and if you just stoped to see it in slow motion, you will laugh your way through the next 18 years of your kids life. Well you will cry too, but laugh mostly. 🙂
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