7 Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests in a Tiny Apartment

Financial strain and limited land are forcing people to rethink their living arrangements. Instead of sprawling mansions and suburban-friendly 2-story houses, a lot of people are starting to think small. Tiny houses, small apartments, co-housing. Small living spaces are becoming so popular it’s like a revolution.

The benefits of moving into a tiny apartment are obvious. You’ll save money and you’ll get to flex your creativity when you design your space. Instead of the behemoth couch and lounge chairs, you might go with a few smaller, quirkier pieces of furniture.

You can even have an active social life and invite visitors if you plan it correctly. One of the drawbacks of having limited space is it can be difficult to have people over, especially overnight. You can cram your extra clothes under the bed but where are you going to put Grandma?

Don’t worry, with a little flexibility you can make your guests happy and keep your home in good shape.

  1. Keep it Clean

It’s your space. You can keep it as cluttered and messy as you want. However, when you have guests coming everyone will be more comfortable if you tidy up before anyone arrives. Every square foot matters when you live in a small space.

You might have to do some reorganizing as well. Guests come with luggage and it has to be put somewhere. Try to clear off a shelf if you can or empty a drawer. Otherwise, their things will end up all over your floor. 

  1. Invest in an Air Mattress Cot

Unless you have a pull-out sofa, you probably don’t have anywhere for your guests to sleep. Some people will be okay camping out on the floor but it would be nice if you could offer them something a little nicer.

You can buy a cheap cot online that can be folded and put away when you’re not using it. If a cot isn’t your style, look for a small air mattress. They require a little more work to set up but some find them to be more comfortable.

  1. Restock the Bathroom

This is good advice no matter how much space you have. Tiny apartment guests might be especially appreciative of bathroom amenities, however, because they don’t have their own room. Stock the cabinets with travel size toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc. It’s a simple, nice touch that demonstrates your hosting abilities.

  1. Buy Food

Keep the fridge full of tasty, easy snacks and meals. You might be eating out for most of your meals but you don’t want to leave your guests in the lurch if they get hungry later on. Cooking in a tiny kitchen is an art that not everyone has mastered.

If you do feel compelled to cook, look up tips online. Tiny home party ideas are easy to find. Livable.com writes that: “This is really the time to be resourceful and creative… when it comes to the dining table, you can use your coffee table in addition to your small dining table. You can just cover it with an attractive tablecloth and for sure it will come out trendy.”

  1. Invest in a Folding Screen

The worst thing about sleeping in a living room is the lack of privacy. Luckily, this problem is easy to solve. Folding screens are cheap and don’t take up a lot of space when you store them. This is an especially great idea if you’re living in a studio.

  1. Get Cozy

Stock your guests’ bed with comfortable blankets. Turn the heat up if it’s a chilly night. Do whatever you can to make your guests as comfortable as possible.

  1. Give up Your Room

If you have a real bed, you might think about letting your guests sleep on it and spending a few nights on the cot. Some people won’t take you up on your offer but others really need a comfortable mattress to be able to get any shut-eye.

You might also think about giving up your room if your schedule is drastically different than your guests. Trying to tiptoe around the living room to get ready for work while your guests are sleeping is annoying for everyone.

  1. Be Happy

You’re living in a tiny apartment; space is going to be cramped. Hopefully, you enjoy spending time with your guests because if you do, you can have a blast. You don’t need a big house to entertain your friends and family.

Tiny Apartment Living

You can absolutely host overnight guests in a tiny apartment, it just takes a little extra planning. The most important thing you can do is to think about your guests’ comfort. Make sure they have easy access to good, toiletries, and a comfortable place to sleep and they should be happy.