6 Things You Thought You Knew About Buying The Mattresses, But You Don’t!

Buying a mattress is something which has to be done carefully with a lot of patience and research. Don’t be in a hurry to decide the suitable mattress for you. Consider paying for a good mattress as a health investment.

You can buy a mattress online

You can buy a mattress online just like you buy any other thing. There are special websites dedicated to selling mattresses along with other bed accessories. These websites sell mattresses from the top and authentic brands, so you don’t need to hesitate a bit while buying a mattress online.

You can take an in-home trial

You must make sure that the seller from which you are buying your mattress, offers an in-home trial period. An in-home trial period for a mattress is very helpful as you can try your new mattress right on your own bed, at your home. Use this time to decide whether you like your new mattress or not. You may not be able to decide in starting, but you will have to be patient before you make your final decision. Apart from sleeping, you must also judge your mattress by sitting on the edges. Make sure that the edges are firm enough to offer good support.

There are multiple types of mattresses

You must know about the types of mattresses available in the market. Basically, there are two types of mattresses:

1. Innerspring Mattresses: These are the most basic and traditional type of mattresses and are designed using springs or coils. They can be tied up together or even wrapped individually.

2. Speciality Foam Mattresses: These are mostly designed using various kinds of foam, including latex and memory foam.

Apart from these two major types, there are also a few other kinds of mattresses, like air mattresses, which use air chambers in place of springs to provide the support. There is one more option, which is known as waterbeds. These type of beds have water instead of mattresses for the support. But these two categories are a small part of the mattress industry.

A new category of beds is coming into the market these days, called the ‘hybrid beds’. These beds comprise of features very similar to a specialty foam mattress on an innerspring support. They are very much like the innerspring mattresses.

A mattress comes with a Guarantee Policy

You should know an important fact that most guarantees for mattresses don’t cover slow wear and tear. It results in loss of support. You must also check the guarantee policies very carefully, as removing the labels or using a bed base which is not recommended for that particular mattress may make the guarantee invalid.

You must unwrap the plastic before you use one

It is very important to unwrap the plastic from your new mattress completely as soon as you get it home. If you leave the plastic wrapping, it will result in rotting. The majority of mattresses will have a typical chemical aroma when you just unpack them. In some cases, the smell can be unbearable. It is advisable to expose your new mattress out to fresh air for about a week.

Coil count is the most important determinant

There are many factors to keep in mind to compare the coil counts from one mattress to another, like the kind of coil, the thickness of the coil, the number of turns and whether it is doubled up inside or not. A mattress with less number of coils may have a lot more steel in its coils than a mattress with more number of coils. A mattress with 420 or less number of Bonnell coils in a queen size is not at all recommended.

You should know these points before you buy a mattress next time. Feel free to comment and share your views. Wish you good luck with your new mattress!