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For some of you, school is already in session. For others, it could not come fast enough. We don’t start school till the last day of August actually, so we have more time for fun. That doesn’t mean we aren’t trying to get some good deals though on back to school clothing. My youngest, who is 9, likes clothes that are comfortable and as girly as can be. The more pink and froo froo, she’s sold. Thankfully OshKosh had a great sale going on and we were were able to score her several pieces that suit her taste and mom’s budget.

OshKosh Back To School

Our checklist usually contains unicorns, animals, bright fun colors, and changeable pieces that can create more than one outfit. I also try to buy the next size up in shirts or dresses but the current size in stretchy pants. 

Cat Back To School Clothes

Outfit 1 was the easiest. She loves cats and ours walks to the bus stop with us every morning. What better than a 1st day of school outfit decked out in cats?! The pants are glittery and lightweight, plus shirt is not a full sleeve which makes it perrrfect for all seasons. ($16 for both pieces at time of posting).

Back To School Clothes

This outfit was also a no brainer. She is the biggest believer and lover of unicorns. When I seen the shirt I had to have it. The pants were an easy pick as well with the matching colors but also being athletic pants, great for playing outdoors. A good thing to note is the pants are actually suppose to be “cropped” but because she’s on the shorter side, they are the exact length for pants for her. ($15 for both pieces at the time of posting)

OshKosh BGosh Back To School

Lastly, I winged it and crossed my fingers on this set. She wasn’t near me to help pick out what she would like so I guessed the Be You & Girls Are Strong shirts. I really liked both for the positive message. The leggings I selected because she enjoys comfort but yet they can match, essentially, all the shirts we bought. ($16 for all 3 pieces at the time of posting)

My final price for all the above pieces was $54 with tax and shipping to NC, after using a coupon. I saved over $144 off retail prices it said! Wowzers! I will take that kind of deal all day, ever day. Especially for a great quality brand that has been a staple in America for generations. 



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