5 Pacifiers for Babies to Purchase this Year

One may say that pacifiers are a toddler’s best friend. There are lots of names for these utensils that sometimes can save difficult situations and stop a crying baby. Parents call them soothers, dummies, and binkies. However, even if you may think that you have found the best pacifier for your baby, you might find it difficult to convince them to take it.

Instead of just buying a dozen pacifiers of one brand, you need to see first whether your baby likes it. Hence, when you choose one, make sure you carefully read the labeling. This way, you will make sure that the pacifier you have chosen is appropriate for your baby or toddler’s age. We are here to help, offering you a list of best pacifiers for babies in 2018.

1.    One-Piece Pacifiers

Many parents choose one-piece pacifiers because they have a simple design. They are molded from a single piece of plastic, without having different other parts attached to it. This type of pacifier prevents unpleasant incidents. The risk of choking is low, being recommended by most pediatricians.

Pacifiers can help a baby self-soothe when their parents are not around to cuddle them. They are extremely helpful during car rides or in the middle of the night when the baby wakes up. One of babies’ primary reflex is sucking, finding comfort in it. When they do not have their pacifier around, most newborns and toddlers will replace it with their fingers or thumbs.

2.    Three-Piece Pacifiers

This type of pacifier features the ring, the mouth guard, and the nipple. These pieces are tightly attached to form the pacifier. Some specialists in baby care indicate that these dummies might pose a risk. The parts of the pacifier may detach with time. Hence, newborns may accidentally swallow these components. However, if you choose a trusted brand, this will not be a problem.

The American Academy of Pediatrics indicates that it is best for parents to choose pacifiers for their babies when putting them down for bed. Studies have proved that dummies can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). However, parents should be extremely careful, and avoid attaching dummies to the newborn’s neck with a strap. This may lead to choking.

3.    Glow-in-Dark Pacifier

When searching for the most fun and useful pacifier for your baby, a glow-in-dark one is perfect. This features a glowing mouth guard, being easier for parents and babies to spot in the dark. You will no longer have to worry about finding your toddler’s dummy in the middle of the night.

If you want a really cool pacifier, you can opt for a mustache glow-in-dark one which will keep your baby interested. The colorful the pacifier, the better for your baby. Dummies can help babies get through difficult procedures with ease. For instance, during the monthly check, when having blood drawn or getting vaccinations, the pacifier can soothe your newborn.

4.    Pacifier with a Toy

A pacifier with a colorful and funny design will keep your baby busy during a traffic jam. When driving, a dummy with a small toy attached to it could distract your toddler. This way, traveling will be less stressful, both for you and your little one.

When grabbing your carry-on, make sure you tuck several models with different toys into it. During the car ride or even a flight, dummies can be extremely helpful. In the middle ear, the sucking motion of the baby’s jaw produces a shift, so your toddler will no longer feel pressure when the plane is descending or going up.

5.    Feeder Pacifier

This type of pacifier can change the way you are used to feeding your baby. The nipple of the pacifier is perforated and hollow. You can place a piece of fruit or a thick puree in the hollow and your toddler will slowly eat it. Generally, this type of pacifiers is recommended for babies older than 12 months.

However, an important aspect when choosing a pacifier your little one is to avoid coating is with something sticky or sweet. This can increase the risk of cavities later on in life. If your baby does not want to take it, you should simply let things happen naturally.

Pacifiers or dummies do not only soothe a child, but they also save parents from experiencing stressful situations. It is easier for you to put your baby down for bed when using a dummy than just singing a lullaby. Furthermore, a feeder pacifier can help the baby slowly eat a fruit, getting accustomed to different tastes than the one of milk.

Every parent wants to find what’s best for their little one. That is why most people might try different brands, colors, and toys attached to the pacifier to distract their toddlers. Besides paying attention to the design of the dummy, parents should also be aware of how safe the dummy is. After all, finding the best pacifier for your baby does not only rely on the looks.