5 Bollywood Movies That Perfectly Showcased the Beauty of Mumbai

Mumbai is the birthplace of the Hindi movie industry, Bollywood. So, there’s nothing to be surprised that Bollywood’s cameras have captured every nook and corner of the city from different angles. Places like the film city, Shivaji terminus, Aksha beach, Marine drive, Chaupatty, Bandra etc. have been portrayed in myriads of Bollywood movies. There are numerous movies like Bombay and Dhobi Ghat that have the stories revolving around the city itself. Some movies have showcased the beauty of the city only in a single song or scene too. Here we present a random list of Bollywood movies in which the beauty and soul of the city have been portrayed perfectly.

  1. Wake Up Sid – The movie with the storyline of the struggles of two young adults trying to live life independently showcases the beauty as well as the lifestyle of the city. The movie has many beautiful outdoor scenes which were all shot in Mumbai. The film showcased areas like Marine drive and Bandra. The college sequence in the film was shot at the H. R. College of Commerce and Economics which is situated near the church gate.
  2. Salaam Bombay – This is one of the few Bollywood movies nominated for the Oscars. The story of a young boy who in the quest of earning money comes to Bombay. The movie does not only show the struggle of a little boy in the big city but also captures picturesque scenes of the city of dreams. Even though the movie mainly portrays the hardship and struggles of life on the streets of Mumbai, it is one of the best examples of movies that have shown the soul of the city on the silver screen.    
  3. Page 3 – The glamorous movie, based mainly on the negative aspects of the glamorous life of Mumbai has shown some stunning scenes of the city. The movie has touched many social issues such as sexual exploitation, suicides, short-lived marriages, self-centered relationships and the restlessness – all because and for fame. As the movie revolves around the characters living in a glamorous world, there are lots of scenes that show Mumbai in its richest
  4. Munna Bhai MBBS – Who can forget this comedy-drama in which a goon goes to a medical college to make the patients happy and well with his quirky personality. The movie has many scenes shot in the city of Mumbai. You can easily recognize the Marine drive scene in the movie. Some parts of the movie had also been shot in the slums of Dhobi Ghat.
  5. Lage Raho Munna Bhai – The sequel of Munna Bhai MBBS too has many scenes shot in the city. Bandra, popularly known as the queen of the suburbs, has been portrayed beautifully in the movie. Places like Elphinstone Technical School and Dhobi Ghat have found a place in the canvas of this amazingly entertaining movie. This is the movie that made ‘gandhigiri’ a cool concept among the youth. The movie was highly successful in delivering the message of non-violence through a light mood. It was the success of Munna Bhai MBBS and the Lage Raho Munna Bhai that had made Raj Kumar Hirani a household name in India. Moreover, we must say he had portrayed Mumbai very beautifully in his movies.

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