4 Best Places In New Jersey Worth Investing In

Are you thinking about putting money into your future? Look no further, there is nothing better than real estate to invest and secure your money in. If you are particularly interested in finding places in New Jersey, we have got you covered. Here is a list of the four best places in New Jersey that are worth investing in.

  1. Bay Head

A picturesque seaside small town of Bay Head offers charming houses and tree-lined streets. Bay Head has independently owned shops and restaurants as well. However, the town’s main attraction is the flawless and uncrowded beach. It is pristine and a perfect place to spend quality family time. Bay Head also harbors a historical bakery that dates all the way back to 1890, serving generations of people living in the town. Offering summer art camps for children, Bay Head makes for a perfect place for a family. If you are planning to head down here, make sure you visit Spring Lake, NJ Real Estate for a better insight into the real estate of the town.

  1. Spring Lake

The pleasant borough in Monmount County was ranked 240th in the “Best Place To Live” magazine by the New Jersey Monthly back in 2010. Spring Lake is another town, which offers a beautiful beach getaway. The beach also has the longest boardwalk in the state that is not commercial. In addition to the beach, this gorgeous town features stunning Victorian homes and manicured lawns, merely 60 miles from downtown NYC, which are easily accessible via a train. Moreover, being a huge vacation attraction, Spring Lake offers the perfect opportunity to invest in rental homes.  

  1. New Brunswick

Located in Middlesex County, a town filled with rich history, it includes building structures from 1730 through to the 19th century. The town also features the glorious Rutger’s University, which was chartered as the Queen’s College back in 1766. Furthermore, New Brunswick has a wide range of restaurants and bars that are appealing to the adventurous pallets of its customers. Besides, you can also engage yourself in a little drama by visiting the town’s theater. In addition to all of its beauty, New Brunswick is a hot and happening place with its frequently occurring festivals like fall festivals and music festivals etc.

  1. Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove is a peculiar little town located in the center of New Jersey. What sets this town apart from all others is the relaxation and comfort it offers away from all the noise, crowd, and commercialism that often comes with towns featuring beaches. The town’s beach offers numerous activities such as kite flying, volleyball games, and sand castle contest etc. to have a great time with your family. Ocean Grove also has a quirky cottage, which was built in 1884. It is a historical society of the town. Moreover, the town of Ocean Grove has more Victorian homes to spotlight than any other place in the United States.