Chocolate Banana Dark Cherry Protein Shake


Chocolate Banana Dark Cherry Protein Shake


The Chocolate Banana Dark Cherry Protein Shake Recipe

It’s a New Year and it’s time for a New You too! We are seven days into 2014, have you broken your resolutions yet? I’m back on track myself and being a good girl and drinking my protein shakes again, so I’ve got my latest concoction to share with you! I really enjoyed it I hope you do too!

The recipe is very simple and you’ll need your blender. 


1 cup of liquid *I used milk
2 scoops of Chocolate protein powder
1/3 cup of dark frozen cherries
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon of chia seeds
I like to add the liquid first, a little fruit then the powder and then top with the rest of the fruit. I don’t like it when the powder sticks to the side of the blender and this way helps reduce that from happening. Sprinkle the chia on top and enjoy!
*If you aren’t familiar with chia seeds try them in water first. It can be an aquired taste. They swell into little gel balls but help keep you feeling full longer.
I hope you give this shake a try! Next week I have plans for a tropical drink! I purchased some Passion Fruit juice! If you want more of my healthy shake recipes you can visit my personal blog Candypolooza.

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