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WowWee: RoboMe (Review Only)

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My boys have always held a fascination with robots but this next review will take their fascination one step further.

WowWee RoboMe


Technology and personality combine in RoboMe, which is designed with multiple sensors that allow him to navigate his environment, avoid obstacles and interact with people and objects. This customizable robotic toy features a light-up LED face and mood indicator to provide interactive fun and includes a remote controller so you can direct his movements and enable games and guard or autonomous modes. You can even program RoboMe with your iPhone or iPod touch (devices sold separately) to respond to your touch and voice commands.

Product Highlights

  • Multiple sensors help RoboMe to navigate his environment, interact with people and objects and avoid obstacles
  • Light-up LED face and mood indicator offer a fun personality
  • Multiple robotic modes, including guard mode, three separate game modes and autonomous mode
  • RoboMe app provides a remote telepresence capability, allowing you to navigate an environment without being physically present (requires a secondary iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, devices sold separately)
  • Facial features are customizable
  • Responds to your touch and voice commands for interactive play
  • Included remote controller helps you direct his movements
  • Operates with or without the use of an iPhone or iPod touch

What’s Included

  • RoboMe
  • Remote controller
  • Instruction manual

My take:  Here is a video showcasing RoboMe without the use of an iPhone:


Written review of RoboMe with use of iPhone 5.  Very user friendly, download the free RoboMe app and then take the back plate off of RoboMe and you will see the cord that needs to link to your phone:


With the RoboMe app loaded on your phone connect the cable to your phone and place phone on the RoboMe face.  It has 4 great holders to ensure that your phone will not fall out.  Then you have so many different options to choose from.  One I know my boys are going to adore…changing faces and facial features:

r3 r4

Not only can your change the entire face you then can customize every last detail right down to different eyebrows.  You can also custom triggers.  For example say you want a reaction when someone pokes his eye.  You can have him say a certain pre-picked phrase or you can record your own phrase.  Custom triggers include 1 min idle, eye/nose/mouth poke, video control, do a dance, robot sensors, what is your name.  You can change his personality, change the language and one of the neatest….have video control.  He allows you to use a second iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to remotely help him navigate his environment without being physically present.  I am amazed at all the ways you can customize a RoboMe.  A great present for the robot lover in your life!


Press Sample

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About the Author My name is Andrea and I have 2 boys (5&7), a baby girl who is 1 years old, a wonderful husband, and 1 kitty. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with the kids 3 days a week and work as a physical therapist 2 days a week.

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  1. Gianna says:

    My kids would love to play with one of these. They love robots.