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Getting a Second Opinion: Invisalign #SecondOpinion #ad

This is a sponsore post.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you ever gotten a second opinion for a service before purchasing it?  I know I have…it seems like every time I take my car into a mechanic for an oil change they ALWAYS find something wrong with it.  I then report the issue to my husband who takes a look at the car and if he deems it is something that indeed does need to be repaired (and he can’t fix it himself) then we always go for a second opinion.  It is amazing to me what you can garner from that second opinion…other options, different price ranges and of course the ever important scheduling of repairs.

In a recent poll, conducted by Harris Intereactive on behalf of Invsialign, it was found that Americans are more likely to seek a second opinion for a major car repair than for a medical procedure or straightening their teeth.  A second opinion can be extremely valuable for people who face complex, risky or costly treatments.  The second opinion may reveal simpler, less expensive or more effective treatment options.


I had braces as a teenager and I so wish that Invisalign had been an option for me way back then.  Invisalign is a series of nearly invisibe, removable “aligners” that are used to gradually straighten teeth without metal or wires.  It can be used for treating adultas and teen.  From very simple to very challenging, Invisalign offers a full spectrum of clear aligner treatments for most types of teeth straightening issues.

Adults and teens now have a modern choice for straightening their teeth.  No more wires and brackets required – Invisalign is the clear alternative to metal braces that uses a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that gradually move teeth over time. The benefits include no food restrictions, ability to easily maintain healthy dental brushing habits, minimal interference with sports or other activities, and teeth get straightened without most people knowing you are in treatment.  Visit the Invisalign website for more information about the clear alternative to braces.

To help bring awareness to the importance of a second opinion, Invisalign is giving away $50 a day in instant win prizes through Oct. 15 plus a chance to win a $1,000 grand prize in their Second Opinion Sweepstakes and Instant Win. Enter each day until you’re a winner!

About the Author My name is Andrea and I have 2 boys (5&7), a baby girl who is 1 years old, a wonderful husband, and 1 kitty. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with the kids 3 days a week and work as a physical therapist 2 days a week.

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