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Beywheelz Crash Course


My six year old is obsessed with Beyblades and before he started school we had no idea what they were,  so there was excitement when  I recently reviewed the Beywheelz Crash Course.

Beywheelz Crash Course

Powered by the rip-infused action of BEYBLADE, BEYWHEELZ have three ways to battle – crashes, stunts and races. And the BEYBLADE BEYWEELZ CRASH COURSE BATTLE SET has everything you need to battle BEYWHEELZ battlers right out of the box, including 2 exclusive BEYWHEELZ battlers, 2 WHEELZ LAUNCHERS, a BEYARENA, STUNT GOAL and BLAST PILLARS to set up all kinds of crashes, stunts and races. Use the code that comes with each BEYWHEELZ to battle online at And check out the new BEYBLADE BEYWHEELZ animation on Cartoon Network starting Fall 2012. For spectacular battles and awesome stunts, launch into the BEYWHEELZ CRASH COURSE BATTLE SET – powered by BEYBLADE!

Three Ways to Battle

With three ways to battle, the action is always fun and exciting. Set up the BEYARENA, STUNT GOAL and BLAST PILLARS in different ways to launch the BEYWHEELZ battlers into awesome crashes, stunts and races. BEYWHEELZ have their own unique launching technique. Attach the battlers to the WHEELZ LAUNCHERS, and push the launchers off the ripcords to deploy the battlers. Send the BEYWHEELZ battlers crashing into each other. Compete with friends to see who can create the most awesome BEYWHEELZ stunts. Race the BEYWHEELZ battlers against each other to see which one will reach the finish line first. The instruction guide includes battling ideas and tips to launch you into battle right away!

My take:  I love that all of this is included in one set as we have had to buy single or double Beyblades and then arenas too many times to count.  This set is easily played by two people and even encourages physical activityy since you have to chase after the battlers.  The crashes brought giggles and the races fierce competition


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About the Author My name is Andrea and I have 2 boys (6&8), a 2 year old girl, a wonderful husband, and 1 kitty. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with the kids 3 days a week and work as a physical therapist 2 days a week.

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