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PTPA: T-Fal Actifry Classic Review

New and revolutionary: the world’s first appliance capable of making 2lbs of crispy delicious French fries with just one tablespoon of oil!! Actifry, a healthy and easy solution to address our love for fried foods: a large number of family favourites and gourmet recipes can be cooked in an easy and healthy way with Actifry: chicken wings, stir fried vegetables, seafood, meat, chicken, fish, risotto, desserts, granola… etc.

Ok, I will be the 1st to admit I almost turned this one down. I hate fryers with every fiber of my being. Not because they are fattening but because I am scared to death of using oil on anything. I am just one of those paranoid people who look at oil as an instant fire starter.  So being offered something called the Actifry I thought oh no, I don’t need “one of those”.

However I started reading the directions and seen a video for it. WOW. I wanted it. This thing is completely awesome. Its the 1 item you want ON your counter all the time. You can cook anything in it!

First I tried some popcorn shrimp in it. It was a night I needed a quick dinner for the girls and thought, well this should be simple enough. The box of shrimp is telling me it would be at least 45 mins in the oven and it was already so late I almost made P&J. I opened the T-Fal Actifry booklet and it said frozen breaded shrimp only takes 14 mins and no oil. Did I read that right? 14 mins. No Oil.  I really thought the book had a typo. But, I threw about 20 pieces in the fryer and turned it on, and pressed for 14 mins on the timer. The inside turns as it pushes the food with it. As its turning, a piece on the inside blows heat inside. The only downfall is that the outside of the fryer does get really hot, so watch with children. Anyways, about 14 mins later, I had the best, browned, crispy shrimp for my girls!

We also tried fries in it. My husband loves to cut up his own from potatoes, so we washed some up, cut them perfect and threw them in the Actifry. Now this is where we add a little bit of oil. Only 1 Tablespoon! It did the same routine as the shrimp, turned in a circle, got hot, cooked my fries. I forgot to take a photo at the end…because I was eating the heck out of them! They turned out crispy and lightly brown. Delicious! Not too soft but not hard, they were absolutely perfect fries. I called them my McDonalds fries without the heart attack.

The T-Fal Actifry retails for $299 and is a PTPA Award Winner. I have no doubt in my mind why either. This machine will cook everything you never thought to even deep fry anyways. I love leaving it on my counter because I can cook everything in it, and healthy. I would recommend this machine in a heartbeat for a Christmas gift. This is especially great for folks of previous heart or cholesterol troubles, or even college students. To me, I swear it replaces my oven and microwave now.

There are 3 versions of the Actify and you can see them all on the site. Pick which one works for you and I say, dive, and make the transition. Better for your body, family and home.

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  1. I’m so happy to see this review. I don’t like to fry anything either, and I make “oven fried” anything that other people fry on top of the stove.

    That’s amazing that you don’t have to use any oil for the frozen breaded shrimp. Also, I would think using the Actifry for 14 minutes has to be much easier on your energy bill than having an oven on for 40 minutes!

  2. Tricia says:

    I can think of tons of reasons to buy one of these I love it. Hello Christmas present :D LOVE IT!