Bear Naked Granola Cookies Review


You won’t believe your mouth….Trust us. Our soft-baked granola cookies are loaded with the nutrition mother nature provides. These cookies are chock-full of good stuff like whole grains, tasty berries and hearty nuts. It’s a recipe for incredible flavor and a natural energy that lifts your spirits – so you can enjoy the adventure in every day.

I came about Bear Naked Cookies by pure chance. I was reviewing for a completely separate food company when the PR said she included some cookies for my daughters as a treat. I tasted one of the fruit & nut cookies and was shocked. I could not believe how great they were. I wrote her back and asked for more information. She ended up sending me 2 more boxes haa.

Now these are really good for you. You get 8 cookies in a box and let me tell you 1 or 2 cookies will fill you up. These are not some Oreo type cookies. These are yummy whole grain chocolate or fruit & nut cookies. They are very soft despite what you would think. Even my husband liked the chocolate ones! The man who lives on pizza, actually enjoyed these healthy treats.

I just found out i can buy these at several places locally! Check Bare Naked to find out where you can get yours.

ps- They are only $3.19 a box!

Fruit & Nut– Inspired by our signature granola this cookie is a delicious blend of raisins, walnuts, cranberries, almonds and more

Double Chocolate– A delicious blend of whole grain oats, a double dose of chocolate from semi-sweet chocolate chips and cocoa plus the added crunch from Walnuts & almonds.


I received some super awesome cookies to review.

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