Dyson DC31 Review



The latest
Dyson motor technology powers the most advanced handheld.

 From the vacuum that doesn’t lose suction to the only one that rides on a
ball, James Dyson and his team of engineers are obsessed with engineering new and better
technology. They’ve proven this once again with two new handheld vacuums:
DC31 and
DC31 Animal. The handhelds are powered by the latest evolution of the Dyson digital motor
(DDM), redefining what it means to vacuum with a handheld.

A team of mechanical, electrical, aerodynamic and software engineers worked for over 10
years to design the DDM to be a faster and smarter, a truly new class of motor. What they
developed was the fastest, most energy efficient motor ever developed for a home appliance. DDM
uses digital pulse technology to make over 3000 adjustments a second. This smart
technology drives the motor to spin up to 104,000 rpm – that’s five times faster than a
Formula 1 racecar engine. Designed specifically for battery operated machines, the new
DDM is half the size of the original, making
DC31 smaller and lighter but more powerful than
any other handheld.

“We’re not content to just sit still. Knowing that bigger motors don’t always equal better
performance, we developed our digital motor to be small, fast and incredibly smart. DDM is
an amazingly powerful motor. It’s affected the way we engineer our machines, and the
potential to be used in other applications is enormous.” says James Dyson.

DC31 features dual-power mode. With an industry-leading 38 airwatts, and at only three
pounds, the machines offer a ten minute run time. For even more power, the machines can
be set to run at an unparalleled 65 airwatts for a full six minutes. With that level of
performance, there’s more than enough time to tackle even the toughest pick-ups.
Other handhelds use primitive technology and rely on flimsy filters that block the airflow,
some losing suction power in less than one minute.
DC31 and DC31 Animal both use
patented Root Cyclone™ technology to spin dust and dirt out of the air, and don’t lose
suction as proven by the internationally recognized IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard. The
machines feature a lifetime filter, and with an internal dirt trap, dirt gets picked up and stays
picked up.

DC31 Animal’s motorized brushbar has been redesigned to swivel for better contact when
tackling tough pet hair. From the couch to the car, the machine removes even the most
stubborn animal hair.

DC31 and DC31 Animal are available at most major retailers and Dyson.com at the
manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $219.99 and $269.99, respectively. Both are
covered under a 2 year warranty for parts and labor. For more information, please visit

Wondering if I would ever get another Dyson product. You bet I would. I would pay the extra money to make sure I got  something that works great and will last. Both of which I am sure that Dyson products will do. I do not have much carpet in my home but I am considering getting a Dyson All Floors vacuum for the rest of my home. Dyson, you have made me see that not all vacuums, and yes even hand helds, are not the same. Your products are far better. That was something I really was not sure of.

The Dyson DC31 hand held was much more powerful than I thought it would be. I have had a couple of hand held vacuums in my time but none never compared to the Dyson DC31. I have heard many people tell me great things about Dyson but I have never seen for myself.  I can see why people go on about them. The Dyson DC31 was more than I could imagine a hand held could be. This model has a button on the back of it that you push and let me tell you, you can actually feel and hear the difference. The battery life does do better in regular mode without the button being pushed but if you need that extra power just push it and away it goes. I got it out and charged it because I did not know if they come charged. There is a light that is on the power plug that lights up to let you know it is being charged. My hubby and I waited for a little bit than put it to the test. My husband and I just watched as the DC31 quickly picked up everything with no need to go over the area. I did use the extra power for the under the cushions on the couch. My kids drop everything in there and I wanted the extra power for the cracks and things. The Dyson DC31 worked wonders. I love that it has the crevice tool that is great for cleaning base boards, picture frames and in-between furniture. The battery does last longer than I thought in regular, non turbo mode. I always keep it plugged in for the accidents the kids throw at me everyday.



I was given the Dyson DC31 for product testing services.

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  1. I love my Dyson. I'm glad it has the feature where you can turn off the vibra beater brush so it can be used on the wood floors besides just carpet.

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