Black Rapid RS-W1 Camera Strap Review & Giveaway {Dear Crissy}


Black Rapid RS-W1 Camera StrapAs most of you know, when I’m not changing diapers or making lunch for my kiddo, I work as a professional portrait and wedding photographer. I love my job, and I am always looking for new and innovative products to make the physical aspect of shooting more comfortable. The one and only thing that I dislike these days about shooting, is the fact that I typically come home from long portrait sessions or weddings with an aching neck and back due to an uncomfortable camera strap.

Well, I’ve kissed those problems goodbye since receiving the RS-W1 Camera Strap from BlackRapid! The RS-W1 was designed with a woman’s body in mind, and I’ve got to say, I have found not only increased comfort but also improved speed and efficiency since using this strap! Whether you are a professional, or just like to take great photos of your kids, you will love this strap! Keep reading to find out how you can win one of your own!

One of the things I love most about the Black Rapid RS-W1 Camera Strap is the way the strap fits across my chest. Women photographers, you know what I’m saying. The strap seems to fall perfectly in place, and was obviously designed to fit the feminine form. I also love that my camera hangs right at my hip, which makes it so quick and easy to grab it when I need to, and to feel confident that I can safely release it back into place when I need to use my hands.

Are you ready to win one of these amazing camera straps?

An awesome Black Rapid RS-W1 Camera Strap worth $59.00

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Disclaimer: This is not a paid post on behalf of Mommy PR or Dear Crissy. Visit the original contest entry post to view additional product disclosure information.

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