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Round Three: 90 Day Health and Fitness Challenge

It’s time for an update because I have finished round two of P90X, with several One on One workouts as well as Insanity workouts added in!  I’m sure what you all want to see most is the comparison picture so I’ll just go ahead and start right out with that:

Aside from the weird shadow on my right side, my daughter did a pretty good job of taking the photos this time.  This was the only usable one, but it’s a little more focused than the last one.

So far over the past 6 months I have lost over 30 lbs and about 18 inches.  Although I have continued to change my body shape my weight seemed to have plateaued and I was feeling pretty frustrated.  I found a website that I have just started using a couple of weeks ago called  The website is free to use and you can track all of your calories that you take in and burn each day.  Once I started tracking everything I was eating, I found out that I was about 900 calories UNDER what I should have been taking in every day.  Once I upped my calorie intake, the scale started moving again.  I am hopeful that I will continue to see weight loss now that I have a way to track both burned calories and consumed calories.

So now I am ready to start round three.  Over the course of this challenge I am planning on introducing you to some more great products that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.  This time around I am looking to move some of my workouts outside to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and also to focus on nutrition.

Let me know who would like to join in – I am of course continuing with the P90X, One on One with Tony Horton and Insanity workouts.  I am looking for big changes over the next 90 days and I would love for you all to join me!

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  3. Mommy PR says:

    HOLY CRAP DAWN!!!!!!!!!! you look amazing!!!!!!

  4. ? MommyPR ? says:

    RT @Mommypr New post: Round Three: 90 Day Health and Fitness Challenge (

  5. ? MommyPR ? says:

    Round Three: 90 Day Health and Fitness Challenge

  6. shericarpenter says:

    Awesome Job you look great!!! Keep up the good work!!

  7. Join my 90 Day Health & Fitness Challenge | Mommy PR (via @backtype)

  8. DawnS says:

    Don't get discouraged I still can't do a Dreya roll!!!! AND it was about half way through round two before I could do MOST of what they do – still can't do everything on every workout! Just do what you can and you will be able to do a little more each time. Just push a little harder than you think you can and then be done :) The first two weeks are the hardest for sure and many people give up at that point – keep going I promise it gets better and it so worth it when you start to feel really good with lots of energy!!

  9. Manj Bagha says:

    Join my 90 Day Health & Fitness Challenge | Mommy PR

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  11. DawnS says:

    Thanks Ang :)

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  13. Mommy PR says:

    can i ask, what size were you when you started and what are you now?

  14. DawnS says:

    I was about a 16 when I started and am in a 12 now. Some are big, some are tight depends on the style.

  15. tannawings says:

    Fantastic results! I have been afraid of P90x -mostly with DVD I stick with Leslie Sansone. Right now I am too heavy- and I know what the problem is-the internet!

  16. amillay says:

    Woo hoo, you look awesome…keep up the great work. :)

  17. Dawn Speese says:

    Join my 90 Day Health & Fitness Challenge and update after 2 rounds of P90X | Mommy PR (via @backtype)

  18. Join my 90 Day Health & Fitness Challenge | Mommy PR (via @backtype)

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