11 Places To Get Your Prescription Eyeglasses FREE or Cheap!

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Ahh, that time of year again. Eye appointments, co-pays, cataracts, astigmatism, etc. It’s as bad as the dentist! The good part about it though is you no longer have to be tied down to a brick & mortar store for eyewear. Online shopping has helped create a competition among eyewear companies for the cheapest pricing. Many even offer FREE 1st pairs! Yes, FREE. Usually, a shipping & handling fee applies but compared to the hundreds you normally pay, I am sure that sounds like gold. Some of these places do include bifocals!

So here is a list of places, I myself, I ordered from with a 1st pair free or significant coupon code. 

  1. Swift Eyewear– No coupon code needed, just go to the link and select a pair on the page. Add your prescription and only pay $18 shipping. That is a little higher than most, but again, $18 for a full set of lenses and frames was a steal.
  2. Glasses Shop– You do have to select from a specific list of glasses for this one, and use code FIRSTFREE. They will give you a lot of extra options, click through for all the free ones and your total with shipping should be $9.90.
  3. Zennie Optical– Choose a pair of frames from the $6.95 page. Add only the basic free add-on items, and your final price should be just $1.95 plus shipping. Be sure to use the link on our page to get the discount in checkout.
  4. Winners Optical– Simply go to their site, click on “1st Pair Free” on the left-hand side and choose your frames. Use code “1stpairfree” in the checkout and only pay shipping. I tried it with a pair for $89 and my final cost was $37.50 shipped.
  5. Finest Glasses–  There are not many glasses to chose from, actually about 10 pairs, but no coupon is necessary. Your final cost with shipping is $14.95 {as long as you only choose the free add ons}. (Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, and PR does cost more)
  6. Glasses USA– Keep watch for their 1st Pair Free sales. Currently, they have a 50% off 1st pair offer. If you choose a $38 sale frame, and only add the free options, your total after coupon code “GLASSES50FS” should be $19 with free shipping.
  7. Googles 4 U– You do have to order 2 pairs for this deal, however, it is one of the best ones. I chose 2 of the $19.95 pairs, no extra add-ons, and used code BOGO. Total price for both prescription glasses shipped was $25! 
  8. Eye Buy Direct– Currently they are having a BOGO sale. Choose 2 of the $15 frames, get your lenses and add-ons free (basic) and pay just $21 shipped for 2 pairs! Use code WELCOMEBOGO or EBD11.
  9. Discount Glasses– There are 2 deals here. You can get 1 pair of glasses in the $20 section and use code “USI5” for $5 off (free shipping) or choose a $50 pair and use code “DEG15AF” for $15 off. When you 1st visit the site, you should get a pop up for a $10 off $30 code as well. There are plenty of $20 frames to choose from, so you have quite a few options here. 
  10. 39 Dollar Glasses– Every pair of frames and lenses (basic) is $39. Use code CART15 for 50% or $15 off, whichever is greater will come off.  Mine took off $15, making my total $24. You should get a pop-up for 50% off a 2nd pair, I added the 2nd pair and used CART15 again, it removed $30 making it $48 for 2 pairs. Shipping is $4.95


If you need any help at all, leave me a comment or send a message! Enjoy your savings!

This post contains affiliate links.